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2018 Track Day: The Leader-board

The racetrack is a great leveller. It doesn’t matter how much money was spent building the car or how many hours went into designing it. Everything boils down to the ultimate lap-time, the best the car can do around the racetrack to decide which one is the winner.

The 3.2km Madras Motorsport racetrack isn’t the longest of the circuits. In fact it is quite technical and tight and hence only brute power cannot ensure you the best lap times. Along with horsepower, you need agility and precision and for that we had an equally agile and precise helmsman – Rayomand Banajee, to put them through the paces and see how they stack up on our leader-board.

Ford EcoSport: 2m24.21s

Starting from below, it was a surprise to see a Ford there. The blue-oval is known for its handling and we expected it to be the fastest amongst the SUVs. With 99bhp of power it did have straight line speed after C1 and cornering speed through C7, but the rivals did better than we expected them to.

Tata Nexon: 2m22.70s

The Nexon had the numbers to go with - 108bhp of power and 260Nm of torque and hence the top-speed honours at 130.11kmph. But it lost out in the corners, being the slowest of the three through C7 and C10. But its exit speed at C1 was the fastest helping it gain the second berth amongst the SUVs.